My Justifiable Justified Review

Justified on FX

If you haven’t checked out FX Networks’ Justified, you should pick up Season 1 on DVD, catch Season 2 however you can and then weep with joy that Season 3 has already been announced.

Timothy Olyphant stars as Raylan Givens, a US Marshall who has been reassigned by the Marshall’s Service back to his home state after a questionable, but possibly justified, shooting.

Life in Kentucky is complicated; his ex-wife has married the man she left him for, his estranged father is a borderline criminal, and an old flame has just killed the brother of one of the friends of his youth.

It’s a complicated tale that twists and turns throughout Seasons 1 and 2.  Olyphant is superbly accompanied by Joelle Carter, Natalie Zea and Walton Goggins, who play excellent roles that fit them well.  Walton Goggins is exceptional as his old friend Boyd who is more complex as the show develops.  He really shines at the end of Season 1 and throughout Season 2.

Justified is gritty, realistic (for the most part) and well-delivered.  Actions have repercussions and this isn’t your run-of-the-mill police drama, lines get crossed, for better or for worse.

If you are looking for a deep show with developed characters and back story, this show will hold you at gunpoint until the curtain falls.