iOS 7 iBookstore Not Loading?

As much as I love technology, I’m no longer a super-early adopter. Yesterday I finally updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 7. It went really smooth minus a few hiccups.

I did live-on-the-edge-balls-deep-go-big-or-go-home and didn’t even back my phone up first. Adventure is my middle name.

Anyways… I went to buy a new book on the iBook store and it wouldn’t load the store. My library had all of my books but for the life of me, the pages wouldn’t load. I tried via wifi and 3G. No change.

But yes I fixed it. Hopefully if you’re having the same problem, this will fix it.

Settings > Safari > Block Cookies > Never

Previously I blocked all cookies on Safari with iOS 6 and it wasn’t a problem. It carried through the upgrade but iOS 7 and the iBook store in particular are more Safari-dependent.

This quick change also fixed Netflix not loading.